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We deliver financial remedy to ordinary people.

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We deliver financial remedy to ordinary people!

We help ordinary people achieve a second chance so they create a fresh start without the pain and frustration of trying lender after lender because of their past mistakes.

We get it – life happens. Many people have “life” happen to them and it affects their credit file and their future.

With great care we have hand picked our panel of lenders to make sure we can help as many people as possible. Our panel of lenders specifically helps people who are bankrupt – current or ex-bankrupt, in a debt agreement, have unpaid or paid defaults or low credit scores, we are certain that we will have a lender to suit your needs.

It’s challenging finding someone who genuinely wants to help you when you have been through a hard time. Most brokers put these type of loans in the “too hard basket” and either don’t put in the required effort OR you never hear from them again.

Some of the people we can help are:

  • Unpaid or Paid Defaults
  • Debt Agreements (Part 9 Bankruptcy)
  • Utility Defaults
  • Bankrupts (Part 10 Bankruptcy)
  • Finance Defaults
  • Current Bankrupts
  • Large Defaults
  • Multiple Defaults
  • Court Judgments
  • Clearout Defaults

This is where we promise to be different. We have had many people approved after they have been to another broker or bank who couldn’t help them.

What you need is someone who looks at the strengths and positives of your application and submit to the right lender first go. This not only improves your chances of approval but it speeds up an answer so you will be getting what you want sooner. It also keeps your credit score the best it can be thus giving you a good starting point to better your future.

Please note that we cannot properly ascertain your chances of approval based on a online chat or phone call. We need an application to do our pre-assessment and have a thorough look at your situation to work out the best solution. We get a LOT of people asking “Can you help me” but without a proper assessment and looking at your overall situation via an application, we cannot look for the positives and strengths to help you get approved.