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Western Finance is a fully licensed company with 20 years experience. The company was established to provide personal loans in Australia. We understand the need for fast service when one is in need of cash. We offer loans with a comfortable and equal repayment structure. This affords our clients the flexibility to repay their loans without stress on their part.

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Car Loan

We help car purchasers get a pre-aapproval within hours so they can go shopping with confidence and buy the car of their choice without having to deal with pushy salesman or one size fits all banks.

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Personal Loan

We help working people create memories that last a lifetime so they can experience the memories they want and not just dream of them.

Business Loan

We help busy business owners get their business loans approved quickly and easily and in most cases without the need of financial documents, so they can focus on growing their business without the pain of having to complete mountains of paperwork.

Pensioner Loan

We help all types of pensioners be able to buy a car so they can have independence and a reliable car without having to rely on other people, wait for public transport or meet the expenses of constant breakdowns.

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