Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply?

STEP 1 – Complete Online Fact Find

No credit check! We do a free preliminary assessment of your situation and chance of approval. Obligation-free, after this initial assessment, we will quickly and easily tell you your chance of approval with the right lender to get your approved at the best possible interest rate.

STEP 2 – Submit for Approval

Once we have determined the best lender to get you approved, we will submit your loan to them to gain either pre-approval or formal approval. Once approved, you can safely go shopping. Approval comes back within 24 hours of submitting your application.

STEP 3 – Loan Sign Up

This is where we organise the loan documents for you to sign. When you know what you are buying, we can draw up the loan documents. Then, you sign them. Dealer sale tend to be a bit quicker and easier than a private sale. If vendor and purchaser are both organised, it will generally only add half a day to the process.

STEP 4 – Settlement

We send back signed documents to the lender for them to finalise the loan and payout the money. Settlement of your loan, once all required information is sent back correctly, usually occurs as follows:

    • Submitted before 10am – same day settlement
    • Submitted after 10am – can try for same day settlement, but might be the next day

Why would I choose you instead of another broker?

Simple, we have a customer promise which we adhere to.

  • Put in 150% effort into getting you approved.
  • We ALWAYS do what is in your best interest first.
  • Explain the “Why”. You will understand fully why we have chosen this lender and how it benefits you. Or perhaps you have tried many times to get approved and keep getting knocked back, we will explain why so you can improve your chances.
  • We do NOT farm out your application to multiple lenders hoping for an approval which then hurts your credit file and your future chances of approval.
  • Your application will be quality assessed upfront and the best lender to get you approved at the best deal will always be chosen first. Not the one that pays us the highest fees.
  • Our office doesn’t have a “Too hard basket”
  • Communication is super important and we give constant updates via phone/txt or email.
  • Always offer honest, caring and upfront advice about your situation and how to improve your chances if we are unable to assist first time

Can you really get me approved with “NO CREDIT CHECK”?

We will conduct a preliminary assessment of your information with no credit check. We will not touch your credit file unless we are fairly confident that you have a very good chance of being approved. It helps a lot if you are upfront about any issues you might know about on your credit file.

To be clear – we will not be doing checking your credit file until we have given your application a proper assessment first. Once we have spoken to you about our plan and you are agreeable, we will then submit your application to the right lender at which point a credit check will occur.

What will you need from me in order to get approved?

Proof of income, drivers licence, 3 months Bank Statements and Signed Privacy Form

How long does it take to get approved?

Once I have all the information we need we should have an answer within 24 hours and sometimes much quicker than this depending on the lender.

What will my interest rate be?

This will be determined by the lender we use to get you approved. Every persons application is different and we have over 20 lenders to cater for everyone. Rates start from a very low 1.95%. The rate will be determined by the lender once they have assessed your application.

Can I pay my loan off early and will I pay less interest if I do?

Yes and Yes. All consumer loans are daily reducible loans with some lenders having no early payout fees. This means that if you were to pay an extra $500 on your loan today, when the lender receives the money you will not be paying interest on this money anymore. Essentially, you are in control as to how much or how little interest you end up paying based on how you pay your loan back.

What could stop me from being approved?

There are 3 main areas lenders look for when approving a loan.

  • Can you afford the new repayments?
  • If they have made mistakes in the past – have they learned from them?
  • Could a new loan put this person into possible financial hardship?

This is where our expertise comes in. We know what they want and how they look at your situation. You will have someone working on your side to get the best possible result. We look at all your information and make sure it ticks these areas they are looking for before submitting to the right lender.

I don’t want to get stung with a very high interest rate!

Totally understand. If you have a good strong application we guarantee to beat the banks rates. However if you have had some issues, a higher rate is possible. We will always inform you upfront if we think your application will have to go to one of our lenders that has higher rates.

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Here’s what our happy clients had to say about our services:

They helped me when nobody else could and made the process extremely easy for a person getting finance for the first time.
Great team, great service would recommend to anyone.

Michael Phillips

Karin was absolutely wonderful. Nothing was ever too much trouble no mater what the problem or what time it was, she was there every step of the way. Even after the sale when the dealership were giving me grief. Wonderful person to deal with. Highly recommend.

Leanne Campbell

Karin is the best. She helped me to get all the information and kept me in the loop the whole time. She even asked me only today if I am still happy with my car and the service provided.

Jodi-lee Hetherington King

If you are after honestly and a smooth sailing ship, you need to reach out to Karin. The whole experience was well structured and the communication was a 10/10. Karin went out of her way to help us which absolutely amazed Ryano and myself. Thank you so much for everything and we will definitely be using you in the future if need be.

Jess Frelek

Karin has gone above and beyond to help me get finance and couldn’t be more grateful! thank you for your hard work and also patience with me over the last few days lol definitely recommend and you have 5 stars from me definitely.

Paul Ferrin

Where to start honestly outstanding since my very first enquiry all the headache I caused not once did they give up answered absolutely every question I had I dare to say it has been the most pleasant dealing with a business I have EVER had to date I highly recommend and will definitely be using this company AGAIN in the future once again team thank you so much for everything you have done for me

Dallas Mann

Karin did everything she said she would do by helping me get behind the wheel my newly acquired Nissan Xtrail. Very happy with the outcome and I cannot thank her enough for everything she did . She kept me well informed of how things were going and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Trust me when i say, Karin is an angel and thanks to her i go pick up my car tomorrow.

Jason Kirkham

Super fast to communicate and assist with finance application. Karin was so helpful all the way through the application process and made is less stressful. Very happy with her service and extremely happy with my vehicle purchase. Thank you !!!! Cannot recommend you enough.

Lanelle Dukes

I recently needed to get a car urgently. My car dealer put me onto Karin who was with me every step of the way. As I’m away and on the road during the week she was super patient with me while I tried to get paperwork to her. She contacted me daily to let me know how my application was going. I would definitely recommend these guys especially Karin to anyone needing their service. Thanks for making a stressful time a much easier.

Cherie Gaites

Couldn’t recommend them any higher. I was stuck in a rut and almost without a car which would have left me without a job and therefore a house and everything iv worked so hard for. Within a week and thanks to Karin i had a small loan approved to purchase a car, she kept me in the loop with everything that was going on and got me the best possible deal she could. Massive thanks and thumbs up to western finance and Karin for the helping me out. 100/10 stars ⭐️

Shane Bruce Connolly